Week Three Assignment

Relatively easy to set up the Diigo account and add syllabi and course materials I located through Google Advanced search.  Found five syllabi which should be useful for revising my current syllabus.  Two had extensive reading lists I found helpful which will keep me busy for awhile.  I will continue this search.  Diigo may help as I go and make things easier (I hope).

I think my biggest frustration this week was a carryover from last week where I tried, unsuccessfully on two occasions to add a Gravatar as outlined at the end of week two.  After about 2 more hours this week, I gave up.  It is still sitting there and I have no idea which function or tab to hit for it to be complete.  It is a picture I tried later to add to Google email and I got a message the file was too large so that may be the problem. I’ll try again to figure this one out.

The readings this week I found interesting and I look forward to building the course as we move forward.